First and foremost, welcome to Fenway Trilogy Media.

Baseball is My Game

Fenway Trilogy Media at Home base

I am a native of Boston, an avid fan of all our great sports teams, and as you probably figured out, the creator of this site. I studied sports management at Umass Amherst and went on to have a career in sports media. I covered live-action and interviewed players, however, my primary area of expertise has been managing stats. I spent more than eight years at SportsTicker, which at different times was owned by ESPN, PA Sports and STATS LLC.

I have recently become more involved with on-site stats as well. Most noteworthy, since the start of the 2010 baseball season, I have had the pleasure of working at Fenway Park in order to collect pitch and player tracking data for MLB.

More and more I have seen sports information being delivered through computer graphics and online media. This led me to develop a professional and personal interest in graphic and web design.

Standing on the pitcher’s mound, at home plate, working in the press box and other areas of Fenway Park and above all attending the opening ceremonies for the 2013 World Series are just a few of the highlights of my time while working for

The Best Day Gig

While I enjoyed my full-time work in sports, I finally made the decision to move on and make a career change. Due to that decision, I had to develop new skills to add to my experience. I set forth in the field of graphic design and marketing. However, I was able to continue my involvement in sports with my seasonal role at MLB Advanced media.

Fenway Trilogy Media at Harvard

My goals were to find gainful employment and end my days of working at night while sleeping the day away. I set out to find a day gig at a reputable organization. My aim was to be an asset where hired while being allowed to grow in my career development.

My Adobe Suite skills were solid enough to obtain a temporary position at Harvard Chan ECPE. There I was given the time to learn on the job and within a few months was hired for a full-time position.

As a result, over the past five years, I have been a major contributor to the marketing team. I spearheaded its expansion into the digital space of advertising and lead generation. Hence much of what you’ll see on the Fenway Trilogy Media website comes from my Harvard work.

Finding time for school and more…

Thanks to the excellent benefits while working at Harvard, I can take Harvard Extension School classes. As soon as I was eligible, I begin taking classes and working towards a Web Technologies Certificate. Certainly, I wouldn’t be able to create Fenway Trilogy Media or any website without the hours spent on these classes.

During the baseball season, it can be difficult to find time for everything. Taking out my laptop in the bleachers during batting practice was sometimes be the best time to get my Web Development class work done. Now with the certificate in hand and classes done, I am looking forward to taking on more freelance work.

In conclusion, I am ready and available to work on a project to carve out space in the digital world for you. I’d love to hear from you, so just fill out this short contact form.