Inbound for Harvard

Photo Credit: Brian Rabuffetti

Over my six years of working on marketing initiatives at Harvard, I have worked tirelessly on two of my beliefs. The top wo things good marketing should focus on are:

  1. Compliance with Privacy Laws is Good Business
  2. Inbound over Outbound Marketing

A primary focus of marketing at HSPH was direct mail and at HMS it was rental email lists. I made every effort to move away from these efforts to focus on opt-in email, lead generation forms from social media, search engine marketing, and re-targeting ads.

Why Paid Email isn’t a Good Strategy

Following privacy laws such as GDPR, moves marketing towards campaigns that strive for customers who are seeking you out and want to hear from you. These customers don’t report you as spam, they open your emails and click on your links at a high rate, bring down your cost per click and increasing your lead generation and conversion numbers

I didn’t eliminate outbound marketing completely, but reduced it greatly and found that the right balance produced the best results