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More examples of my web work can be found on the websites of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health ECPE and Harvard Medical School PGME.

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  • Doing Our Part at Harvard Medical School - In early March Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Education adjust how it operates and the education that it delivers. We began working at home and adjusting our marketing and program planning efforts as our country grappled with a pandemic and economic crisis to follow. We stopped all marketing for certificate, master’s, and containing education programs. Our
  • Your Own Custom Coding Versus a CSS Framework Design - I have now worked with both responsive CSS frameworks, Bootstrap, and UI Kit, and I have created my custom CSS design. I have learned a lot of design skills in my work experience and classes at Harvard Extension School since I first used Bootstrap and have worked on a few hand-coded projects. With that experience in my pocket, it was a good time to try a UI Kit. Frameworks and custom coding both have their benefits. I choose five things to consider in deciding which is best.
  • Inbound for Harvard - Two things good marketing should focus on are compliance with privacy laws and inbound marketing efforts A primary focus of marketing at HSPH was direct mail and at HMS it was rental email lists. I made every effort to move away from these efforts to focus on opt-in email, lead generation forms from social media, search engine marketing, and re-targeting ads.