Doing Our Part at Harvard Medical School

In early March Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Education adjust how it operates and the education that it delivers. We began working at home and adjusting our marketing and program planning efforts as our country grappled with a pandemic and economic crisis to follow.

We stopped all marketing for certificate, master’s, and containing education programs. Our education team and leadership began to cancel, postpone, reschedule programs and look to new ways to delivery them.

I transition to managing the marketing and communications of a new endeavor. We tried something new to help clinicians during this time. We held live one-hour courses twice a week on a wide range of topics that clinicians need to know as they working to fight this novel coronavirus, how to work in new ways because of it and how to deal with the stress and demands of it all.

Here is a nice info graphic on efforts and results from March to June.

These webinars presented many challenges and learn on the fly moments. I am extremely grateful to be a part of this programs and I truly hope it helped those on front lines to save lives and improve the quality of care for everyone affected.