B.A.A. Races Delayed for Good Reason

A Patriot’s Decision to Delay the Day

The Boston Marathon is special to me in many ways. It is a holiday. Patriot’s Day is one of the special days that celebrates all that is great in Boston. We celebrate the anniversary of the first shots fired in the American Revolution. We celebrate after about a month into the spring season some nice weather is finally starting to come our way. We celebrate the Red Sox we annual open their gates and bars around the area at an absurd early hour to accommodate the special event that is the Boston marathon. We celebrate the athleticism and dedication of all those who run the Boston Marathon on this day. We celebrate being with our friends, family, and neighbors of the city we call home.

Days like this cannot be destroyed nor can they be stopped. This day in 2013 was cut short but Boston stayed strong. Days like this should not be postponed. Given all this day means I don’t say this lightly, however, I must say that shutting down the city and postponing the Boston Marathon was the right call. In 2020 this day is being postponed and it should be. As in 2013, we need to come together for the health and safety of all during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Fenway Citgo Sign
Photo Credit: Brian Rabuffetti
An Empty Brookline Ave that would normally be packed with people on Marathon Monday.

The numbers sick and die is staggering. People need to understand that if not for staying in and shutting down the states, it would be much worse. For the most part, people have stayed in and did their part. However, I have seen far too many people gathering and working out, biking, and running together as I take my solitary walks. Now on this Patriots day April 20, 2020, I cannot believe the selfishness and disregard for fell human lives. A small group of people ran the marathon. What gives them the right? What if everyone did that. Also, on the news are reports of groups in Cape Cod protesting the shutdown. They say things like ‘the government is overacting’, ‘the flu kills too’ and ‘the solution can’t be worse than the problem’.

Do they just not understand how much worse this could be if no actions were taken? Do the lives of over 40,000 souls mean nothing to them?

I am at least thankful that I live in the northeast and the great state of Massachusetts. These COVID Idiots as I like to call them, hopefully, will not worse things too much here and I am doing everything I can to make sure the ones I care about stay away from them. People in other parts of the country are so lucky where people are flocking to protest and to the beaches and their leaders want to open more.

If Tom Brady thinks it is okay to work out in public, I say good riddance to him and have fun fighting off the alligators, Republican’s and countless soon to be subjects of the always interesting “Florida man” Google search. Up here in Boston, we stay strong and look out for each other as a good community should.

The Boston Marathon is now scheduled for September. My now annually B.A.A Half Marathon run will not be until November. It will not be the same, but beyond all measures, it is worth it.