Brian Rabuffetti, Digital Media Expert

Fenway Press Room
Photo Credit: Larry Haber

People often wonder why I quit ESPN.

My family spent many hours at Bruins and Red Sox games. I attended UMass Amherst, which offered sports management, a different environment than Boston and future life-long friends.

I was hired at ESPN to work on baseball statistics. I enjoyed new ways to analyze and communicate baseball. It was a time-consuming job, but I was determined to excel and advanced. I did just that in eight years there. Then I took a leap — a calculated risk — and quit to see what else I could do.

I networked and landed a seasonal position with MLB at Fenway Park. I taught myself design and HTML skills and was hired by Harvard in a design and marketing role. I quickly grew an interest in marketing technology. I feel more accomplished living by the River, with two great jobs and time to enjoy life and adventures with friends and family.

My next goal is to complete my Digital Media master’s degree and merge digital media and advertising to describe my world in different ways and promote things I believe in.

“Brian is a friend whose drive to understand the world around him I truly admire.”

Matt Cole